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In Business since 2006. We provide professional accounting and reporting for legal entities, representative offices and branches of foreign companies of any field of activity.

Extensive knowledge in the field of finance, budgeting, accounting, as well as the experience of successful cooperation with enterprises – all this allows us to create a reliable accounting service.

We deduce your organization’s accounting department to a higher level of reliability and timeliness compared to accountants working part-time, and also reduce the company’s expenses compared to the cost of full-time accounting staff.

Why us? Because we Deliver

Lower fees and higher value
Personal service and attention
Integrity and credibility
Satisfaction and results

Our Fees

Fixed with no hidden charges
Payable in monthly installments
Low initial payment to begin work
Always competitive

Free, Confidential Consultation

We offer a free, confidential consultation to assess your needs, advise you of your options, and recommend a specific course of action. Contact us at (+30) 2102910568 or by completing our online form.

We provide FULL accounting services for the successful set up and continued operations of representative offices and branches for foreign legal entities!


A new year is here, a milestone significant not just for me, but the entire Consulting Tax Solutions team and all the clients we serve. The challenges we continue to face have tested us in ways we both never anticipated and, in all honesty, were hoping would be confined to previous years.

However, as we start 2022, we want to celebrate our victories, continue tackling our challenges head on and stay vigilant and innovative to ensure both our team and clients remain fully supported in the new year.